Gallbladder Blues

What am I doing with my lifeeeeeeeeeee??

broke up with my bf, or rather he broke up with me. I am so depressed and confused. We had dinner today, it was not okay. I’m not okay with this.

On another front, I am going to live with b now… A room opened up in his apartment and it’s really great. I got promoted to a full time position at my job so I can actually afford it. I’m really excited and relieved. I’m hesitant about living with b, but he has a girlfriend (p’s other ex, ha) so I don’t think it will get weird. It will be good to be around friends and in a really beautiful part of the city. I’m not afraid anymore!

I have to get my gallbladder removed probably?

I want to date someone who wears chuck tailors and I also want to wear chuck tailors and we can match our shoes. I saw two couples doing this today. I want it, too.

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