you fell asleep and woke up somewhere new. i want to be moving in my dreams too.

i do NOT even remember making the previous post on here.  I fell asleep on the train and woke up at the wrong stop.  I got off and waited for the train to circle around.  It was so cold, I kept missing the train going in the right direction.  I didn’t get home until 5AM.

i spent every night this weekend with b.  friday we went to the bar and he said there was a meteor shower so drove out to the woods, but it was cloudy so we couldn’t see any shooting stars.  instead we met up with some of my friends that were camping in the state forest.  there was a fire, i ate some steak on a stick, there were so many blankets and singalongs.  we stayed up all night, and in the morning we got a diner breakfast with bloody marys.  it felt good.

i slept all day saturday, my best friend thought i was dead.  she had a holiday party at her house on the outside of the city that night.  i didn’t want to go, but i didn’t want to disappoint her by not going.  the roads were frozen and there was freezing rain coming down all night.  i wanted to stay in bed so badly.  when i got to the party, i didn’t even drink anything.  i felt miles away.  she told me i was a shitty friend for coming late, and that i wasn’t having enough fun.  i apologized for the lateness but it didn’t really mean anything to her.  i guess i am a shitty friend.

sunday was the local bar’s customer appreciation holiday party karaoke extravaganza.  well, maybe not an extravaganza.  that’s when i met the cool nerd and made the last post.  i guess it was fun, i’m not sure.  i felt really sick on monday, i couldn’t even eat food without throwing up.  i don’t know if it was a terrible hangover or my body freaking out from the intense weekend or an actual stomach bug, but regardless i couldn’t do much more than lie in bed and watch Star Trek and pet my cat.  i still feel pretty bad and gross, but i have to hang with my femme friends tonight.  it’s the last full moon of 2013, how important it is to spend it with those that care.  

i am excited to get new glasses.  i am scared that i won’t have time to get everyone christmas gifts.  i am happy that i have good friends.  i am dissatisfied with my current position at my job.  i am pleased that i get to travel this holiday season.  i am angry at the commercial on the radio that reminds me how commercialized the holidays have become.  i hope that everything works out okay, for everyone.

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