Public transportation blues, etc..

This weekend was pretty blurry. Friday, I met up with b after work and we played pool and drank beers and I watched him do karaoke (I get stage fright). He told me about how he feels about p’s other ex and I tried to give honest advice. My favorite part was the drunk ride to the train station on the back of his bicycle. I can’t really articulate how peaceful and wild I felt in my heart. It was an important moment to me.

Saturday I felt just awful, though, so I just stayed drunk all day and all night. There was a hot tub and blue liquor and good people.

Sunday was diner breakfast and dinner with my boyfriend’s mom and her girlfriend’s family. It was really great and I was shy but smiled a lot. It made me feel that kind of homey comfort that my recent days have been missing. It was “good, clean fun.”

That’s the weekend update. I was an ass and messed up my payroll again so I’m so so so poor until Friday. I don’t have train money, even. It super sucks a butt. My boyfriend and I are going grocery shopping tonight and I’m going to make a kale soup, though. And he will help me get to work, at least. I helped him last week when he was a poor person, so I’m glad he is returning the favor.

I think I have strep throat, though. Ugggh it sucks, it really hurts and I don’t want to die like Jim Henson.. This lady next to me on the train keeps clearing her throat and it’s really annoying. So glad I have a blog for me complain about that. Lady, you’re gross!

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