There are lotions, there are potions

No pool time with b tonight, he has class until 9 and I don’t feel like waiting around for that. Rescheduled for tomorrow, we’ll see! Friday night, wooo.. I wonder what everyone else is doing tomorrow night. Maybe p will be there, maybe with his girlfriend. Who knows, it’s another weekend mystery. I don’t think I have any plans, but I’m also bad at remembering things so maybe I do have plans.

I’ve been running into people lately, I have to remember that this isn’t a very big city and that I can say hi. If someone looks familiar, I should take a minute and identify them and acknowledge them. It’s a part of being a human. I should be a better human.

I cut my hair this morning because I couldn’t stand the thought of, “I should cut my hair,” any longer. It’s done, it’s in a pile in my bathroom trash. I’ll fix it later. I need a shower.

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