My boyfriend is leaving tonight to go to out of state for his job for a few days. I’m not going to be back in time to say goodbye. I have some nights of sleeping alone that I will have to endure.

My boss asked me what I’m going to do with my life today. He said I would get a good recommendation if I tried to get a full time position in a different department. He also said that he has been trying to get me a raise for a while now, but there’s not much room in the budget or something. I guess that makes me feel better about how I’m doing there. January will be one year working there, so I think that’s a time to make some decisions. Not just for my job, but living situation as well.

One of my roommates is driving me crazy, I’m reaching the edge of how much I can take. I need to stop badmouthing him to my friends, though, because as much as I can’t stand him at times, he is ultimately a good guy.

I just feel so fucking sad all the time lately.

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